Southern Fried Pork Chops, Fried Zucchini, and Swiss Cheese Mashed Taters

Boneless Pork Chops

Yukon Gold Potatoes




Italian Bread Crumbs

4 Eggs

Shake n Bake seasoning for Pork Chops (original flavor)

Laughing Cow Swiss Chees


Salt n Pepper (or Greek) to Taste

Canola Oil

2 bowls

Electric Skillet

Electric Hand Mixer


Peel and Cut and Boil Potatoes

In the Electric Skillet heat Canola Oil (just enough to cover bottom of skillet 1/4 c) to 250*

In a mixing bowl combine 1 c. Butter Milk and 4 Eggs.  Cut Zucchini in slices to ur liking and soak in liquid mixture.

In Mixing Bowl combine 1/4 c. Flour, 1/4 c. Bread Crumbs, and the Shake n Bake.

Once skillet is heated take ur Zucchini and coat them in the dry mix. Put in the Skillet and fry about 5 min each side. I cook an additional 3 min on the first side. Then place on Paper towel on a plate..

Then take ur Pork chops and soak in the Liquid Mix and then dredge in the dry mix and fry in skillet about 7 min each side. I cook an additional 3 min on the 1st side.

Potaotes sould be done by the time everything else is so then drain, and put back in pot.

The laughing cow cheese comes 8 in a wheel. I used 8 good sized taters so I only use 4 of the cheese. I add 2 Tbsp of Butter, 1/2 c. Milk and mix with electric mixer.

Then put on ur plate and enjoy.

As always, from my kitchen to yours, Happy eating..=)



About mikisrecipes

Hi, Im just an average ordinary woman with 3 grown children and 2 grandkids. I love to cook and bake and obviously eat, lol. Im not Rachel Ray or Paula Deen but I do pretty good. I make things that are simple, cheap, and yummy. Just thought it would be nice to share some of my recipes with family and friends.
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